2022 Tesla Model 3 Pros And Cons

New 2022 Tesla Model 3 ranks in the top half of the luxury electric car category thanks to its overall electric driving range and strong performance

Tesla Model 3 is a good electric sedan and a few cars in the category of luxury electric vehicles can match its range of about 358 miles (576 km). This electric vehicle has strong performance with powerful engines, fast acceleration and active processing

Inside you’ll find a high-end cabin and a huge loading box. However, Tesla comes with steady rides, tight rear seats and its controls rely excessively on the touchscreen as well. Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also not raided.

Tesla Model 3 2022 is a good electric sedan but there are a lot of other attractive electric cars such as Mercedes Benz EQS hatchback have similar driving range to Tesla also there is Ford Mousting Mac-E more passenger and cargo space compared to Model 3

Or you can also think of other Tesla models such as Tesla Model S and on the other hand if you are not ready to move to an electric model you may be interested in a third-class BMW

2022 Tesla Model 3
2022 Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 2022 new specifications

Rating Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 2022 has not been evaluated for the expected reliability as of the writing of these lines from JD Power

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Tesla Model 3 Warranty

Tesla supports Model 3 with a new four-year/50,000-mile warranty and the standard battery is covered with an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty, and the long-range battery gets an eight-year/120,000-mile warranty

2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Model 3 Motor

  1. 263 miles of range, top speed of 140 mph, and a zero-to-60 time of 5.8 seconds (Rear-Wheel Drive)
  2. 353 miles of range, top speed of 145 mph, and a zero-to-60 time of 4.2 seconds (Long Range)
  3. 315 miles of range, top speed of 162 mph, and a zero-to-60 time of 3.1 seconds (Performance)

Drivetrain: standard rear-wheel drive; available all-wheel drive and Transmission: single-speed

2022 Tesla Model 3 Safety

Safety Features

Standard driver assistance features Front, side, and rear parking sensors . Forward collision warning . Forward automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection . Adaptive cruise control . Blind spot monitoring . Surround-view parking camera system . Lane departure warning and lane change alert . Parallel park assist

Available driver assistance features Full Self-Driving Capability (automatic lane change, automatic parking, stop sign and traffic light recognition, and Summon)

Tesla Model 3 2022 Price

The new Tesla Model 3 price for 2022 starts from $44.990, which is very reasonable for a luxury electric car up to the Performance model that tops the range at $58.990 and Tesla Model 3 2022 for sale in Arab countries at the following price

Tesla Model 3 2022 Price in UAE

Tesla Model 3 for new sale in UAE with price from 184,990 to 235,990 AED and comes in three trims

  1. Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive 325 hp Electric Motor (184.990 AED)
  2. Model 3 Long Range AWD 441 hp electric motor (215,990 AED)
  3. Model 3 Performance AWD 513 hp electric motor (235,990 AED)
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Tesla Model 3 (Rear-Wheel Drive)

Tesla Model 3 2022 trim Rear-Wheel Drive has a starting price of $44.990 standard equipment includes a 32A charger and 15-inch touch screen, wireless charging for two devices and four USB exits, Bluetooth, glass ceiling, dual zone climate automatic control and heated and electrically adjustable front seats, heated rear seats and heated steering wheel are included and Tesla’s distinctive 30-day connection has a navigation system and Wi-Fi hotspot and video and music streaming support

The Tesla Autopilot is also standard despite the name it is not an automated self-driving system but it assists the driver like a parking assistant lane change assistance, lane departure warning, adaptive speed control, Front impact warning, automatic front emergency braking, Peripheral parking camera system, blind spot monitoring system and sensors on all sides of the vehicle also help the autopilot guide and accelerate the electric vehicle inside its track

Tesla Model 3 (Long Range)

Tesla Model 3 2022 Long Range trim comes at $50,990 and the model acquires a larger 75 kWh battery and dual-engine SUV system and has a 48-amp internal charger

Tesla Model 3 (Performance)

Tesla Model 3 2022 Performance trim comes at $58.990 with the fastest acceleration in the lineup with Tesla estimating that it can race from zero to 100 km/h in less than 3.1 seconds at a maximum speed of 260 km/h and as its name suggests this model has a few improvements in performance such as sports suspension and carbon fiber spoiler

New Colors Model 3

Tesla Model 3 2022 available in the following exterior colors (metallic blue – glossy silver midnight – multi-layered pearl white – multi-coat red – pure black)

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Weight and dimensions Model 3

Tesla Model 3 2022 comes in 4694mm length, 1850mm width, 1443mm height, 2875mm wheelbase and total weight ranging from 1759 to 1843kg

Where Is the Model 3 Built ?

Tesla builds Model 3 in California

2022 Tesla Model 3 Cons

  • Distracted Entertainment Information System
  • Small rear seats
  • Does not support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay
  • Riding more assertive than other luxury electric cars

2022 Tesla Model 3 Pros

  • Long Driving Range
  • High-end and modern cabin design
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Excellent Engine Set

2022 Tesla Model 3 Photos

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