2022 Tesla Model S Pros And Cons

The new 2022 Tesla Model S ranks near the top of the luxury electric car category because it is incredibly fast and has a great driving range but it is not as luxury as some competitors

Tesla Model S2022 is a good car. It is powerful and fast. The Plaid variant is one of the fastest producing cars in the world (along with impressive fuel economy estimates) and few competing electric cars are even approaching Tesla’s driving range.

Tesla Model S is fun to drive with agile processing and smooth driving. Seats come comfortable and supportive. There is a lot of loading space. However, a few other luxury electric cars have more convenient information and entertainment systems and many have high quality cabin

Model S is a great option and should be the best option for buyers looking for a premium electric car. However, shoppers from Model S also need to have deep pockets because this Tesla carries an incredibly high price even by luxury car standards

2022 Tesla Model S
2022 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S 2022 new specifications

Tesla Model S Rating

Tesla Model S 2022 does not have the degree of reliability predicted by JD Power

Tesla Model S Warranty

Tesla covers Model S with four-year limited warranty/50000 miles warranty and eight-year warranty/150,000 miles for transmission group

2022 Tesla Model S Performance

Model S Motor

  1. Base powertrain: 100-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and two electric motors
  2. Available powertrain: 100-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and three electric motors
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Drivetrain: all-wheel drive and Transmission: single-speed automatic

2022 Tesla Model S Safety

Safety Features

Standard driver assistance features Rearview camera . Forward and side collision warning . Pedestrian detection . Forward automatic emergency braking . Blind spot monitoring . Front and rear parking sensors . Lane departure warning . Lane keep assist . Adaptive cruise control

Available driver assistance features Hands-free park assist . Automated highway driving . Automated lane change . Summon (automated vehicle return from parking spot)

Tesla Model S 2022 Price

Tesla’s new Model S price for 2022 starts at $94,990 making it more expensive than anything else in the luxury electric car sector and the high performance Plaid model costs $129,990

New Model S trims

Tesla Model S 2022 comes in two trims (base and Plaid) and the base model is better for most shoppers because it costs far less than Plaid yet it still accelerates at an amazing speed and offers all the same features

Tesla Model S

The base model of Model S is about $94.990 and comes with a lithium-ion battery pack, a single-speed transmission and a dual-engine SUV system. This setup results in an estimated 405 miles (651 km) of driving range

Standard features include adaptive air suspension, synthetic leather upholstery, Heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel front and rear sensors, rear view camera, panoramic sunroof, Automatic 3-zone climate control, digital camera set meters, 17-inch touch screen, navigation system, HD radio and stereo with 22 speakers, Bluetooth, five USB exits, a Wi-Fi hotspot, a second row display and a wireless device to charge up to two smartphones

Tesla’s autopilot system also comes standard, includes blind spot monitoring, lane maintenance assistance, front and side collision warning, automatic front emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and adaptive cruise control

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Options include 21-inch wheels ($4500) and different upholstery color combinations ($2000 each) The full self-driving pack available costs $12,000 and adds automated highway driving, lane change, hands-free parking and automatic return from parking space (or call) more advanced capabilities such as low-speed automated steering via air updates are expected to arrive in the coming years pending regulatory approval

Tesla Model S Plaid

The S Plaid model costs 129, 990 Dula and adds a third electric motor which boosts the vehicle’s production to more than 1000 horses (precisely 1020) and improves Plaid’s time from 0 to 100 km/h to 1.99 seconds while increasing its maximum speed to 321 km/h

New Model S colors

Tesla Model S 2022 is available in the following exterior colors (metallic blue – glossy silver midnight – multi-layered white pearl – multi-coat red – pure black)

Weight and dimensions Model S

Tesla Model S 2022 comes in 4970mm length, 1964mm width, 1445mm height, 2960mm wheelbase and total weight ranging from 2068 to 2161kg

Where Is the Model S Built ?

Tesla builds Model S in California

2022 Tesla Model S Cons

  • Interior is not as high quality or luxury as competitors
  • No integration with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone
  • Limited range of paint colors or other ways to customize from factory
  • Lack of conventional steering wheel hinders ease of use

2022 Tesla Model S Pros

  • Excellent driving range
  • Incredibly Fast
  • Excellent riding quality
  • Access to Tesla’s extensive supercharger network

2022 Tesla Model S Photos

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