Hyundai Creta 2022 Pros And Cons

Regarding size, the new Hyundai Creta 2022 is longer and more extensive than the old SUV yet it is 30mm more limited than previously. Like the as of late sent off Hyundai Aura, the new Creta’s plan will get blended responses from the group. In quest for attempting to make the Creta as alluring as could be expected, Hyundai’s planners have gotten carried away, particularly with the nose and tail. Front and center, you get a gigantic hexagonal grille that is framed by a chrome strip that looks a smidgen excessively sparkly

. Then you have the ice shape three component LED headlamps that look up-to-date with the LED DRLs sitting on top of them. The turn markers are set further down in the haze light packaging. In any case, not at all like its Kia cousin and greatest opponent, the Kia Seltos, which gets LED haze lights, the Creta manages with halogen bulbs.

Contrasted with the front, the back plan is considerably more emotional. There is abundance of everything – wrinkles, lumps and, surprisingly, the tail lights are extraordinary. The swelling boot area makes the back look strong and the dark strip that interfaces the tail lights assist the Creta with looking exceptional

. In profile, in any case, there is some help, as the new Creta’s outline looks perfect. The erupted wheel curves add a few muscle and the slanting roofline makes it look smart. The compound wheel plan on the diesel vehicle is the typical Hyundai undertaking – pointedly cut and energetic

Be that as it may, shockingly the sportier super petroleum form gets easier looking dark amalgams. This variation likewise gets a ‘Super’ identification at the back and the choice of a dark rooftop with this red outside variety vehicle. By and large, the Creta’s plan develops on you, yet contrasted with the tasteful Seltos, it looks a piece gimmicky

The Hyundai Creta is obviously a great conservative SUV. It is extensive, agreeable, stacked with highlights, simple to drive and presented with strong petroleum and diesel motor choices. Contrasted with the old vehicle, it is a gigantic overhaul, both regarding drive and feel.

It has a few inadequacies like the polarizing plan or the absence of highlights like front stopping sensors and adjustable adapt to the guiding. In any case, other than that, it is difficult to blame the Hyundai Creta and it seems to be a balanced item. So will the Creta indeed become a portion chief? To know the response, remain tuned to CarDekho as the Creta versus Seltos correlation will go live soon!

Hyundai Creta Comparison with similar cars Kia Seltos . Hyundai Venue. Skoda Kushaq

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Hyundai Creta 2022
Hyundai Creta 2022

Hyundai Creta 2022 review

Hyundai Creta 2022 Interior

Contrasted with the outside, the new Creta’s lodge looks much more level-headed and mature. The scramble configuration is ordinary and simple on the eye. You get an obvious Angular mid control area with the high-res 10.25-inch show becoming the overwhelming focus. The instrumentation looks cutting edge thanks to the enormous TFT screen that shows you heaps of data including pace, excursion and tire pressures. This show is flanked by simple dials for the tachometer and the fuel measure, however they are minuscule and difficult to peruse. With regards to quality, the new Creta is a move forward contrasted with the old vehicle yet you really do discover a few modest pieces. For instance, the speaker grille on top of the scramble might have been exceptional gotten done and, surprisingly, the plastics around the environment control and stuff selector look all in all too plain. Then there is the phony sewing on the dashboard which you dont anticipate on a vehicle costing this much, however fortunately you won’t find it elsewhere in the lodge.

As far as inside variety choices, you get an all-dark lodge in the event that you pick the 1.6-liter super petroleum variations, you get a two-tone beige-and-dark topic. The front seats on the Creta are enormous and obliging and, surprisingly, the padding is right on the money. You get a 8-way fueled driver seat which makes finding an optimal driving position simple. In any case, a glaring exclusion is the way that the guiding changes just for level and not come to (no adjustable change) which is something that you expect on a vehicle that costs nearly

The back seats also are OK with a lot of shoulder room and knee room. Hyundai has likewise scooped out the back piece of the seat base which produces more headroom as well as gives more underthigh support. What compels the back seat experience far better is the enormous all encompassing sunroof which makes for a very breezy lodge. You additionally get back window sunblinds and a customizable two-step backrest at the back. The wide seat is adequate for three individuals as well. Shockingly, Hyundai hasn’t given a flexible headrest for the middle traveler which the Seltos offers.

There are heaps of extra rooms in the Creta’s lodge and they are nicely planned as well. The cupholders behind the stuff switch are of two unique sizes, which makes it extraordinary to hold either a major water bottle or an espresso mug cozily. Indeed, even the entryway pockets are large and the glovebox too is profound. The boot size is sufficiently large however isnt class driving. You get 433 liters of room and the baggage narrows is very much molded. You likewise get a 60:40 parted collapsing back seat for added comfort.

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In the top variations we have on test, the Creta comes stacked with highlights. You get Driven headlamps, Drove DRLs, and Drove tail lights. Indeed, even the lower variations of the Creta are presented with bi-utilitarian halogen projector headlamps. For comfort, you get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay availability, electronic stopping brake, cooled front seats, paddle shifters for the programmed variations, and an air purifier. You likewise get programmed headlamps yet shockingly auto wipers have been given a miss.

Hyundai Creta 2022 performance

Hyundai Creta 2022 engine

  • Four cylinders 1500 cc with 115 horsepower
  • Four cylinders, 1600 cc, 121 horsepower

Creta acceleration

Hyundai Creta accelerates from zero to 100 km in 12 seconds and has a top speed of 170 km / h

Fuel consumption in Creta

The fuel consumption of the Hyundai Creta per 100 km is 7.1 liters and the fuel tank capacity is 55 liters

Hyundai Creta 2022 safety

Creta Features

ABS anti-lock brake system. Airbags. Brake Assist BA. EBD electronic brake force distribution system. ISOFIX for fixing child seats. Front and rear sensors. traction control Immobilizer. safety belts Anti-theft alarm. automatic door lock

Hyundai Creta 2022 price

The price of the new Hyundai Creta starts from $ 18,700 for the first category and the price of $ 20,600 for the higher-equipped category. The price is considered appropriate compared to competing cars in the SUV category and Hyundai Creta 2022 for sale as new in the Arab countries at the following price

Hyundai Creta 2022 price in UAE

New Hyundai Creta for sale in the UAE, with a price starting from 68,900 to 75,900 UAE dirhams, and it comes in two Trims

  1. 1.5L Smart 1.5L 115HP 4-Cylinder Engine (AED 68,900)
  2. 1.5L Comfort 4-Cylinder 1.5L 115HP (AED 75,900)

Hyundai Creta 2022 price in Saudi Arabia

New Hyundai Creta for sale in Saudi Arabia, at a price starting from 83,875 to 103,655 SAR, and comes in four Trims

  1. 1.5L Smart 1.5L 4-Cylinder 115HP Four-Cylinder Engine (SAR 83,875)
  2. 1.5L Smart Plus 4-cylinder 1.5-liter 115 horsepower ( 88,475 SAR)
  3. 1.5L Modern 4-cylinder 1.5-liter 115 horsepower ( 96,525 SAR )
  4. 1.5L Advanced 4-Cylinder 1.5L 115HP ( 103,655 SAR )

Hyundai Creta 2022 price in Egypt

New Hyundai Creta for sale in Egypt, with a price starting from 340,000 to 430,000 Egyptian pounds and comes in nine Trims

  1. 1.6L Basic 1.6L 4-Cylinder Engine, 121 HP ( 340,000 EGP)
  2. 1.6L Standard 4-Cylinder 1.6 Liter 121 HP ( 360,000 EGP)
  3. 1.5L Smart 4-Cylinder 1.5L 115HP (365,000 EGP)
  4. 1.5L Smart Plus 4-Cylinder 1.5L 115HP (380,000 EGP)
  5. 1.6L Mid Four-Cylinder 1.6L 121 HP (385,000 EGP)
  6. 1.5L Modern 4-Cylinder 1.5L 115HP (405,000 EGP)
  7. 1.6L Top Four-Cylinder 1.6 Liter 121 HP (405,000 EGP)
  8. 1.6L Top SR 4-Cylinder 1.6 Liter 121 HP (405,000 EGP)
  9. 1.5L Advanced 4-Cylinder 1.5L 115HP (430,000 EGP)
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Hyundai Creta 2022 price in Qatar

New Hyundai Creta for sale in Qatar, at a price starting from 59,000 to 73,400 QR, and comes in three Trims

  1. 1.5L four-cylinder engine, 1500 cc, 115 horsepower ( QR 59.000)
  2. 1.6L Mid Engine, four-cylinder, 1600cc, 121 horsepower ( 64,500 QR)
  3. 1.6L Top Engine, four-cylinder, 1600cc, 121 horsepower ( 73,400 QR)

Hyundai Creta 2022 price in Oman

New Hyundai Creta for sale in Oman, at a price starting from 6,820 to 7,280 OMR, and comes in two Trims

  1. 1.6L Mid Engine, Four-Cylinder 1600cc, 121 HP ( 6,820 OMR)
  2. 1.6L Top Engine, Four Cylinder, 1600cc, 121 HP ( 7,280 OMR)

Hyundai Creta 2022 price in Kuwait

New Hyundai Creta for sale in Kuwait, with a price starting from 4,800 to 6,250 Kuwaiti dinars, and it comes in three Trims

  1. 1.5L four-cylinder engine, 1500 cc, 115 horsepower (4,800 KD)
  2. 1.6L Mid Engine, Four Cylinder, 1600cc, 121 HP (5.750 KD)
  3. 1.6L Top Engine, Four Cylinder, 1600cc, 121 HP (6,250 KD)

Hyundai Creta 2022 price in Bahrain

New Hyundai Creta for sale in Bahrain, at a price starting from 6,451 to 8,403 Bahraini dinars and comes in four Trims

  • 1.6L Basic Engine, Four Cylinder, 1500cc, 115 HP (6,451 BHD)
  • 1.5L Four-Cylinder 1500cc, 115 HP (6,451 BHD)
  • 1.6L Mid Engine, Four Cylinder, 1600cc, 121 HP ( 7,925 BHD)
  • 1.6L Top Engine, Four Cylinder, 1600cc, 121 HP ( 8,403 BHD)

Creta new colors

Hyundai Creta 2022 is available in the following exterior colors (Phantom Black – Gray – Raspberry Red – Polar White with Phantom Black – Polar White – Typhoon Silver)

Creta Weight and dimensions

Hyundai Creta 2022 comes in 4300mm length, 1790mm width, 1620mm height, 2610mm wheelbase and total weight

Where was the new Creta manufactured?

Hyundai Motors manufactures 2022 Creta in South Korea

Hyundai Creta 2022 Cons

  • Hard plastic in the cabin
  • Rear headroom is narrow for tall passengers
  • Single drive option

Hyundai Creta 2022 Pros

  • Lots of features
  • Spacious and comfortable inside
  • Strong market value
  • Good fuel consumption

Hyundai Creta 2022 Photos

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